Changing Landscape for Rates, Taxes & the Accounting Industry

Businesses throughout New Jersey are in a state of flux – on the one hand transitioning from years of pandemic-related challenges and, on the other, positioning themselves for growth. Fortunately, they are not going at it alone. Every day, they are helped by thousands of CPAs and accounting professionals who bring much needed insight and guidance on how to remain financially competitive and relevant.

These tumultuous times call for renewed trust and confidence in accountants and CPAs, which is especially important as the health of the economy takes on renewed importance. Every day our members – 12,000+ CPAs and accounting professionals – advise small, midsize and large businesses on financial reporting, lowering costs, understanding tax relief and regulations, and using better data and analytics. And this year, the NJCPA celebrates 125 years of serving this great profession!

We are pleased to bring you this special section that includes key information on how to better read economic indicators, understand tax relief, and learn what accounting professionals bring to the table to help businesses thrive. The section includes the following:

  • Key metrics businesses should monitor ahead of any recession
  • State tax requirements that can help or hinder business operations
  • What qualifies for the latest federal tax credits
  • Trends in the accounting industry that will impact businesses

The NJCPA works tirelessly with the New Jersey Legislature and business organizations on the state and federal levels to improve the business climate in New Jersey. In June, I will be retiring as CEO of this organization after 23+ years at the helm, but I couldn’t be prouder of the accounting profession and our NJCPA community.

Warmest Regards,

Ralph Albert Thomas, CPA (DC), CGMA, CEO and Executive Director, New Jersey Society of CPAs

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