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Mazza Recycling Services Material Recovery Facility – Recycling Done Terrifically in Tinton Falls

Family-owned Mazza Recycling Service’s history dates back more than 50 years – well before “recycling” became a habit. Yet despite its age, Mazza is no traditional waste operator. A nationally-recognized leader in the recycling industry, the company has inaugurated a $15-million single stream recycling facility at its 55-acre Tinton Falls site – the first complete positive sorting design system on the East Coast, using state-of-the-art technology and the best equipment available to recover more recyclable material than otherwise possible. 

Positive sorting is a revolutionary concept that redefines the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) by identifying and separating recyclable materials early and efficiently in the recycling process. Mazza’s sorting facility uses sizing and optical technology to recycle more materials from the waste stream, which translates into producing more quality, useful products from the recyclables. By investing in this design, Mazza not only is helping to preserve natural resources, but also is extending the life cycle of plastics, paper, cardboard and metal containers during today’s environmentally critical times. By increasing the amount of recycled paper and cardboard, the plant is helping to reduce the need to harvest trees. By capturing more plastics, the system is reducing the need to use natural oil resources to manufacture new plastic products. Mazza’s solar-powered MRF also extracts wood, concrete, shingles and scrap metal, which are then recycled in its other recycling divisions. 

Through the creation of this 70,000-square-foot transfer station and MRF plant, Mazza also contributed to local employment. Some 120 construction workers were involved in the project and 60 employees now are working at the facility. Further, as a community recycling resource, Mazza initiated its Greener Tomorrow Program to educate students, residents and organizations on the importance of recycling and proper recycling. Mazza also hosts plant tours during which visitors learn first-hand how the complex recycling systems work. 


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