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Primepoint takes a different approach to service that creates what they call the Primepoint Experience™. The Primepoint Experience™ is the synergy of their efficient technology and stellar customer service/support. Primepoint’s payroll processing system is simple and convenient to use, and their customer service is easily accessible to provide extra support if it’s needed. The Primepoint Experience™ consists of things like: hold time that averages seven seconds, quick and accurate responses to your questions, very high customer satisfaction, live customer support based in the US, and streamlined employee support through Primepoint’s employee self-service portal, the EmployeeXperience®. And that’s just the start of what you’ll enjoy about the Primepoint Experience™. 

Primepoint is known for painless transitions with 96% of transitioned customers saying they were very satisfied or satisfied with their change to Primepoint, and the transition was as easy as or even easier than they expected. 

Where things really get easy is when you use the online system to process payroll. As part of the Primepoint Experience™, you’re going to get the services you need like Complete Tax Service, Employee Direct Deposit, Tailored Payroll Entry, a Time & Attendance system, an HR management system, HR Support from live HR pros who are available by phone or email, and employee access to the EmployeeXperience®. 

Efficiencies like Electronic Employee Onboarding enable the employee to key in their own data. Employees are also able to request updates to their data that you can implement with the click of your mouse. Employee communication is streamlined with the distribution of documents, and, of course, employees can view or print their paystubs, W-2s, employee handbook, and even create pay history reports. 

Whether your business is large with thousands of employees, or mid-sized with hundreds, or even if you only have a few employees, the Primepoint Experience™ can be tailored to provide the solutions you need. From your first interaction with Primepoint, you’ll notice the difference. And once you become a customer, you’ll experience the difference.

2 Springside Rd, Westampton, NJ 08060 

Alex Bothwell, CEO 

David Bothwell, Chairman of the Board, CTO  


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