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Corporate HQ and Distribution Center at Prologis Ports – Toasting this New Elizabeth HQ

Prologis is a global leader in logistics real estate; projects that involve integrated transportation modes to move products throughout the world. Prologis’ expertise and focus on high-growth markets made it an ideal partner for Allied Beverage Group, as Allied began developing its new corporate headquarters in Elizabeth, where the company’s distribution system relies on the Elizabeth Seaport, adjacent rail line and access to major and local highways.  

A New Jersey-based, family-owned company, Allied not only is New Jersey’s largest and most comprehensive wine and spirits distributor, but also ranks among the 10 largest such companies in the country.  

Together, Allied and Prologis replaced a long-vacant brownfield lot with a state-of-the-art facility. Architecturally, the complex is more than a distribution facility. With 100,000 square feet of corporate offices and 500,000 square feet of warehouse and industrial space, the complex integrates office suites, custom alchemy and wine rooms for workshops and product training, and revolutionary automation and logistics technology. 

Wood tones create a hospitable atmosphere that distinguishes the offices from the industrial space. Large windows overlooking the loading dock add warmth and light to the warehouse. The warehouse’s automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) enhances loading and distribution efficiency, avoids safety hazards, and limits the amount of required manual work. 

Solar panels on the roof fuel a majority of the building’s operations, enabling the facility to be sustainably powered and recognized as a LEED Silver workplace and distribution hub. 

Completed in December 2018, the nearly $57-million initiative bolstered Elizabeth’s property and economic values. The project involved a team of about 500 workers from various disciplines and companies, led by Allied Beverage. Altogether, the project created 950 full-time jobs in a city that has experienced high unemployment.  


KSS Architects
Philadelphia, PA 




Scott H. Murdoch, 
AIA Partner, 
KSS Architects LLP

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