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Stockton University’s new Academic Building in Atlantic City opened in September 2018. It is part of a planned campus of associated buildings that are key components of the university’s growth plan and its commitment to helping the city diversify its economic base and reinvigorate the community.  

The $32-million Academic Building is located at a major gateway into Atlantic City, close to the beach and boardwalk, thereby helping to redefine the urban landscape. 

Some 150 construction workers contributed to building the three-story, 56,000-square-foot structure, which was a recent addition to the university’s expanding master plan. It was designed and built to promote sustainable building practices and energy efficiency that meet LEED Silver standards.  

The site is a brownfield redevelopment that now offers access to alternative transportation modes, preferred parking for fuel-efficient vehicles and charging stations for electric cars – all in support of the university’s energy efficiency objectives. The environmentally-friendly interior environment incorporates features such as LED lighting, low-flow fixtures, optimized energy performance of infrastructure, and low-emitting materials.  

The first floor of the building features a public dining space with food offerings designed to complement – rather than compete with – local dining establishments, in addition to meeting space. The goal of this multifunctional area is to enable local organizations to gather for social events. The second and third floors include classrooms, offices, an observation room, a work area and work room, conference and meeting rooms, kitchenettes and a lounge area. 

Stockton’s Academic Building not only adds architectural significance to the Atlantic City skyline, but is bringing students and more than 60 full-time employees to the city, which in turn has helped boost the local economy. The university’s plan for and design of the building also encourages integration into the existing community – from its location in the heart of the city to its public first floor dining and meeting spaces.  


SOSH Architects
Atlantic City 


New Brunswick 


NJ Economic 
Development Authority 


John DeRichie, AIA, 
NCARB Principal,
SOSH Architects

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