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PSE&G Highland Park Solar Storage System – Let the Sunshine In

The PSE&G Highland Park Solar Storage System is located on two acres of remediated former municipal landfill. In addition to converting the fallow space into a productive solar farm that provides clean, renewable energy to the electric grid, the project also has improved the neighborhood.  

Situated across from a multifamily housing complex, adjacent to a park and walking trails, and landscaped with new trees and perennial plants and shrubs, the solar project combines a 1,764-panel, 605-KW-DC solar farm with 2,000-KW/hour Tesla batteries. The panels and batteries connect directly to the PSE&G electric grid. The solar panels provide electricity and charge the batteries, which reduce voltage fluctuations inherent to grid-connected solar systems due to issues like intermittent cloud cover. Both the system’s operation and output are monitored remotely. 

The facility provides enough electricity to power about 100 homes per year, and its clean energy avoids pollutants and carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to removing about 70 cars from the road annually. It also is an initial step in helping New Jersey fulfill its vision for a clean energy future by facilitating the installation of even more solar energy projects in the state. Additionally, by increasing the amount of renewable energy in the borough and state, the Highland Park project continues the borough’s history of supporting a healthy and sustainable environment. Highland Park was New Jersey’s first Green Community. 

The Highland Park Solar Storage System is part of a 3-MW-DC carve-out in PSE&G’s 158-MW-DC Solar 4 All® program, dedicated to developing projects that integrate solar with other technologies to reduce the impact of solar on the grid or to increase reliability and grid resiliency for critical facilities during prolonged power outages. Through the end of 2019, PSE&G had invested more than $675 million in the Solar 4 All program. 

During the height of construction, approximately two-dozen workers representing various trades and disciplines, were employed at the site. 


PSE&G in partnership 
with Advanced Solar Products


Todd Hranicka,
PSE&G Director, 
Solar Energy

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