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Powering Progress for New Jersey

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PSEG is marking its 115th year as New Jersey’s leading energy provider. And for all of our history, our company’s mission has been to provide customers with universal access to electricity and natural gas. We accomplished that mission by building a world-class energy infrastructure to deliver these resources safely, reliably and affordably to as many homes and businesses as possible.

This progress toward a universal power supply was unquestionably a public good. Access to energy meant gas to warm our homes on cold winter days and electricity to provide light in the darkness. But the benefits extended beyond creature comforts. Energy also meant improved health, education and economic opportunity for entire communities. These advantages are why the modern energy grid is considered the most significant engineering feat of the 20th century.

Now we are entering a new era. Society’s goals are changing, and therefore so should our goals as New Jersey’s largest utility. Our customers have told us they want to use less energy, they want their energy to come from cleaner sources, and they want it to be delivered in a manner that is as safe, reliable and affordable as ever.

“Today, utilities are leading a new era of growth and change that will once again provide widespread benefits for the communities we serve,” said PSEG Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Ralph Izzo.

This year, PSE&G has proposed historic investments in energy efficiency, electric vehicles, energy storage and smart meter technology. At the same time, we are continuing to invest in the development of renewable energy sources, such as solar and offshore wind, and the modernization of our existing gas and electric infrastructure.

Together, we can make enormous progress toward cleaner air, a healthier climate, and a more reliable, resilient energy system – all while helping New Jersey customers save money.

If we’re able to accomplish these objectives, we also will be making huge strides in support of Governor Murphy and his clean energy goals for this state, as well as our own company’s goal for all 115 years that we’ve been in business – to help make New Jersey a better place to live and work.

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