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Focusing on Improving the Customer Experience

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Investors Bank has made some refinements to its focus in the last year, taking a fresh look at how we can improve the customer experience from every angle. A cross-functional working group created within the bank has turned its eye to intense scrutiny of everything relating to the customer experience, and how to improve it. 

Continuing to do something the way we’ve always done it doesn’t hold up at Investors Bank – especially in the age of immediate gratification. So, we are taking the time to examine, streamline and improve our processes. This exercise has begun to pay off faster than we could imagine. By focusing on everything from how we can make it easier and faster for our customers to open accounts at our branches, to how we handle internal work streams, the bank is making improvements across the board. 

Additionally, the bank has made it a priority to focus on digital channels. The end goal is to improve how we deliver our products and services, and improve how we help our customers take advantage of these channels. 

Part of this is our new Digital Concierge Certification Program, a series of courses that aim to make our client-facing employees experts in all of our digital channels. As our customers become more digitally savvy, our Digital Concierges will be available to help customers learn everything they need to know about all the features and benefits our digital products and services provide. 

Another part is a new platform that we’ve released internally to benefit our employees: The Learning Cloud. This new web-based training and educational resource allows our employees access to a vast library of knowledge, led by subject matter experts. Improving our employees’ access to knowledge has the end result of benefitting the customers and improving their experience with us, which are the ultimate goals. 

As Chairman & CEO Kevin Cummings often says, “If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind.” At Investors Bank, the future is all about continued learning and continuous improvement.

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