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Gibbons Launches Higher Education Team

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Gibbons P.C. prides itself on being nimble and entrepreneurial in the portfolio of services it offers and in its delivery of those services. The firm regularly expands and innovates legal and client services geared to a continually evolving legal marketplace and organizations that require more focus and added value to meet emergent business needs.

For example, in 2018, Gibbons launched its Higher Education Team, a multidisciplinary industry group brought together to address the many unique regulations governing academic institutions, a key segment of the firm’s client base and a substantial component of the New Jersey economy and its research and development environment.

Kristin D. Sostowski, a Director in the firm’s Employment & Labor Law Department, leads the Higher Education Team. Team members have worked in various capacities with more than half of the four-year colleges and universities in New Jersey, several other educational institutions in the region, and related governmental entities.

“With four public research universities, seven state colleges, 15 independent schools, and 19 community colleges, New Jersey is a national leader in higher education,” said Patrick C. Dunican Jr., Chairman and Managing Director of Gibbons and a member of the Higher Education Team. “But schools are expected to meet distinctive and exceptionally high standards of conduct and compliance, and they may need assistance keeping up.”

Through an industry team approach, Gibbons is dedicating administrative infrastructure and management resources to more fully support higher education institutions, with their growing influence, significance, and very specific needs that cross multiple, and often overlapping, disciplines.

The attorneys on the Gibbons Higher Education Team provide advice, counsel, training, and litigation services to public and independent educational institutions in connection with laws particular to the field – most notably, Title IX – and their distinct requirements for financing, building, hiring, firing, contracting with vendors, licensing and protecting intellectual property, advocating for their interests, and undertaking various corporate transactions and other key operations. Team members also conduct internal investigations on behalf of these clients and represent them in external investigations.

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