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Making IT Right for Over 20 Years

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In 2017, Domain Computer Services celebrated 20 years of providing quality IT services in New Jersey and the New York metro area. The last 20 years of technology evolution have brought with them some immense changes. We have not just survived, we’ve thrived. Over decades of providing services in the IT industry, we have differentiated ourselves from other providers by refining and mastering our processes and hiring top-tier talent to perform them. In fact, that’s the source of our pride. Our tried-and-true set of processes (honed to near perfection over two decades) is what truly sets us apart from other MSPs.

In Domain’s two decades of IT excellence, we’ve also come to realize that a company’s technology is truly only as good as the people who manage it. Too many business IT solution providers focus only on one thing: technology. When you work with Domain, you’re not working with techies speaking in JavaScript and not caring if you don’t understand. You gain a top-notch team of highly trained engineers dedicated to making you feel secure with your business’s technology environment.

At Domain, we don’t just talk the talk; our values are so integral to our process that we’ve painted them on our walls. We’re pretty hard on ourselves here when it comes to going above and beyond the call of duty. When a ticket is closed, the client receives a survey to rate the services provided. Across the board, our techs are required to maintain a 93% positive rating. We evaluate our services on each individual ticket to ensure we’re bringing the best possible results and customer service every time.

As a Managed Service Provider, we believe in spoiling our clients – and that can only happen when we hire the best individuals in the industry. Our clients consider us part of their teams and an extension of their own companies. You can rest assured that Domain will continue to innovate to meet your business needs as technology shifts and changes in the future because we’re not just about the technology: we’re about the people.

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Rashaad Bajwa, President/CEO


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