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Giving New Jersey Employers Options

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Arch Insurance is an NJBIA endorsed global insurer offering our clients superior coverage and service. Our mission is to provide our insureds with superb coverage and claims handling through diligent and disciplined underwriting. Much of our U.S. operations reside in our Jersey City office providing specialty risk solutions to clients across a wide range of industries. With more than 17 years of operating history and strong financial ratings, our track record remains solid. 

Arch Insurance has put a focus on disability insurance coverage by bringing together the best and brightest people in the industry who understand what’s important to employers. We embody the Arch guiding principle of retaining experienced and talented employees to differentiate us from the rest of the pack. 

New Jersey is one of five states requiring employers to provide short term disability coverage to their employees. This coverage is vital when an employee can no longer work due to a non-work related disability (e.g., maternity) and provides a partial income replacement during this time of need. New Jersey employers have the option of moving their disability coverage out of the New Jersey state plan to a private insurance carrier like Arch for significant savings in annual cost and quick claim service.

With NJBIA endorsement of Arch as its preferred disability insurance carrier, its member companies can benefit from special rates offered by Arch that reflect discounts from their current state charged rates. Many members have already seen significant savings by moving their disability coverage to Arch. Members also receive exclusive pooled rate protection. This means that Arch evaluates all NJBIA members together to help stabilize their rates. In addition, Arch processes claims in days, rather than weeks, thereby limiting the time workers on disability are without income. Arch offers additional benefits and services above the state plan such as online access to claim data and third-party sick pay reports. 

Arch Insurance is committed to the employers and employees of New Jersey and will continue to supply superior service and pricing. For more information, please call the Arch NJBIA hotline: 201-743-4205 OR email: [email protected], OR visit:

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