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PSEG: Your Partner for a Clean Energy Future


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PSEG and New Jersey share a common vision: A cleaner, greener energy supply so that future generations are able to enjoy the benefits of clean air and a healthy climate.

New Jersey, guided by the leadership of Gov. Phil Murphy, has established clear goals for the state, including support for carbon-free energy resources such as energy efficiency, renewables and nuclear power, leading to a 100% zero-carbon energy supply by 2050.

PSEG’s “Powering Progress” vision for the future – one in which our company 1) helps customers use less energy, 2) ensures that the energy they use is cleaner, and 3) delivers that energy as reliably as ever before – stands in support of New Jersey’s long-term energy goals.

To achieve its “Powering Progress” vision, PSEG has taken a number of steps toward a cleaner, more sustainable energy supply.

PSEG has announced its goal to reduce power fleet carbon emissions 80% by 2046, from 2005 levels. The company also has announced its vision of attaining net-zero by 2050, with the necessary advances in technology and public policy.

To achieve these ambitious carbon-reduction goals, which will place PSEG among the energy industry’s leaders in response to climate change, we plan the following strategies:

First, we will cease building or acquiring any new fossil fueled generation, and retire or sell all remaining interests in coal-fired power plants.

We also will continue our efforts to preserve the carbon-free nuclear power generated by PSEG’s Salem and Hope Creek plants, which generate more than 90 percent of New Jersey’s zero-carbon electricity.

Finally, we will continue to explore opportunities in solar and offshore wind, as well as other emerging technologies that will drive emission reductions.

What’s more, PSE&G has proposed historic investments in energy efficiency, electric vehicles, energy storage and smart meter technology.

Together, PSEG and New Jersey can make critical progress toward cleaner air, a healthier climate and a more reliable, more resilient energy system – all while helping New Jersey customers save money.

We’re proud to support New Jersey’s clean energy efforts, as well as our own company’s goal for all 116 years we have been in business – to help make New Jersey a better place to live and work.

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Ralph Izzo, Chairman, President and CEO

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