Smart Cities for a Smarter New Jersey


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The next generation of wireless networks has the potential to revolutionize our daily lives. A new era of autonomous vehicles, life-saving telemedicine, and augmented reality, among others, will be ushered in with emerging 5G technology.

5G also could provide some of our municipalities with smart city technology, enabling them to operate more efficiently; increase citizen satisfaction; promote economic development; and improve safety and sustainability.

Smart city solutions can improve the way services are delivered. For example, data analytics of smart city technology can be leveraged to help better plan urban economics and projected development. Additionally, taking a strategic approach to integrate technologies can help cities reduce energy demands, waste and costs, and advance sustainability goals.

At AT&T, we are helping communities by adding connectivity to the things residents rely on in their daily lives, such as street lights and traffic lights; snow removal equipment; and even trash cans. We are also improving how our communities serve their citizens, use energy, and allocate their resources. Powered by emerging 5G technology, communities can be even more responsive to citizens’ needs through smart city tools.

Cities that have smart city technology rely on strong mobile networks. Small cells add capacity to our existing network. More capacity will bring customers faster download speeds, improved call quality and a better overall wireless experience. Small cells also are part of the foundation for next generation 5G networks. This technology will enhance our networks, and will make our cities smarter, our hospitals better connected, and our communities safer.

At AT&T, we want to help New Jersey’s communities maintain their competitive edge and prepare for a future that relies on strong mobile broadband networks. We look forward to working with elected officials on legislation that will expedite the installation of small cells to speed up the deployment of advanced wireless services to customers.

To date, 29 states and Puerto Rico have passed legislation for small cell deployment. New Jersey has introduced similar legislation. With New Jersey’s history of being at the forefront of innovation, we need to ensure this state has the infrastructure it needs to continue our legacy of leadership and innovation.

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Charlene Brown, President, AT&T New Jersey

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