2019 Fighting Cancer Special Section

On the following pages, New Jersey Business magazine spotlights the cancer-fighting innovations taking place in our state. We delve into the state-of-the-art therapies coming from our famed life sciences industry and healthcare institutions. The Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey and the American Cancer Society, Northeast Region, also discuss their successes and initiatives in combating a disease that impacts most US citizens in one way or another. Statistics reveal that one in three people will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. More than 1,600 people die from cancer each day in the US. In New Jersey, there are almost 470 cases of cancer per 100,000 people. According to the American Cancer Society, 53,400 New Jersey residents will receive a cancer diagnosis by year’s end.

Inroads are being made in finding cures for the disease, with New Jersey leading the way. In fact, while cancer drugs currently account for 27% of all new drug approvals in the US since 2010 – a dramatic increase from the 4% share of the 1980s – much of that medical innovation has come directly from the Garden State.

The ongoing effort to find cures for the various forms of cancer is amazing, and the discoveries taking place in New Jersey to combat the disease continue to have a beneficial, global impact.

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