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Bringing Employees and Clients Together to Make a Difference

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Good corporate citizenship is good business for Gibbons. Our clients increasingly weave corporate social responsibility into their business plans and expect similar dedication from their service providers. Gibbons partners with clients who share our “doing good while doing well” philosophy, to develop and launch innovative charitable projects.

These projects have internal business benefits as well, boosting workplace morale and loyalty. Through our community outreach and pro bono program, Gibbons Cares, we annually donate over $1 million and extensive volunteer service in support of those communities in which the firm and our clients have offices.

Partnering with clients and including all Gibbons employees in our charitable outreach have introduced new audiences to numerous worthy causes and multiplied the impact of our efforts. Firm employees and clients have together staffed volunteer events and participated in donation drives for the Community FoodBank of New Jersey, Habitat for Humanity, Dress for Success, Veteran’s Legal Program, and Child Custody, Visitation and Child Support Clinic for Victims of Domestic Violence, among many other organizations and campaigns.

Internal Gibbons Cares projects focus on fundraising for worthy causes. For example, one Friday per month, Gibbons employees are invited to participate in a “Jeans Day for Charity,” paying a token fee or donating an item for the “privilege” of wearing jeans. We encourage everyone to champion causes and organizations; Jeans Days allow the entire Gibbons family to make a difference.

Through Jeans Days, employees and the firm have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to numerous charities, as well as countless toiletries, nonperishable food items, school supplies, pajamas, winter outerwear, prom dresses and accessories, and professional attire for people reentering the workforce. Most notably, over five years, Jeans Days and other efforts funded trusts established for the two children of a 25-year firm employee who had died unexpectedly. We raised almost $400,000, enough to pay for both children’s college educations.

Through Gibbons Cares, we have looked beyond our core services to advance our core values, which has inspired employee and client loyalty, raised our profile, and, most importantly, delivered results that address the long-term needs of our broader community.

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