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Domain Computer Services

The Domain Story: A New Chapter 20 Years in the Making

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This year, Domain Computer Services is proudly celebrating 20 years of providing quality IT services in the New York metro area.

That is no small feat in the IT world. It makes Domain practically a dinosaur among MSPs. Twenty years ago, wi-fi was still being developed and Google didn’t exist yet! Domain’s very first project was setting up a one-modem proxy server to connect a law firm to the internet with a likely download speed of 33.7 kilobytes per second. Now the smart phone you hold in your hand can download content at 25-125 megabits per second. If Domain were still selling one-modem proxy servers, we wouldn’t be where we are today. The most recent chapter in the Domain story is proof that President/CEO, Rashaad Bajwa, continues to innovate with an eye to the future.

In partnership with Mercer County Community College (MCCC) and its President, Dr. Jianping Wang, Domain Computer Services is developing a Network Engineering Technology program that bridges the gap between education and employment while providing IT services to the central New Jersey community. This joint venture is called The Domain Tech Academy at MCCC (Tech Academy).

The Tech Academy gives MCCC students access to on-the-job training at a best in class IT provider with experienced mentor engineers. Students sharpen their classroom learning with real customers and organizations, increasing the value of their education. In addition, they receive compensation, easing the educational financial burden.

Additionally, Domain develops a pipeline of talented, experienced recruits. The IT industry regularly experiences hiring shortages. Education programs like MCCC’s Business and STEM Divisions face challenges in keeping up with the constantly changing industry. By merging the classroom with the business world, students dramatically improve their job prospects post-graduation.

Finally, the Tech Academy provides local organizations with IT services at affordable rates. Instead of outsourcing overseas, the Tech Academy keeps jobs and business local. It is an innovative, collaborative effort between a local community college looking to ensure its students’ success and a local business providing quality, affordable services within the community. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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