Spectrum for Living

The Right Way in Ringwood

Spectrum for Living is a non-profit organization dedicated to the philosophy that persons with developmental disabilities have the same rights as others to a fulfilling and meaningful life. Its programs and services support dignity and independence and encourage each person to reach his or her own potential. Spectrum for Living in Ringwood is a shining example of helping those in need to achieve all these goals.

With the property’s location in the environmentally restricted NJ Highlands Region, and within a state aquifer, Spectrum initially was envisioned as a 3,200-square-foot facility. The Kimmerle Group (KG), architects and planners on the $1.5-million project, worked closely with both the NJ State Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and local officials to secure the needed approvals for expansion to 10,500-square feet, ultimately transforming a historic barn on the property into a state-of-the-art daycare and education setting with a unique farmstead aesthetic, rather than its having an institutional feel.

The training center functions as a day care and training facility for many residents of the adjacent Spectrum-operated group home of some 24 beds, in addition to those individuals who come to Spectrum daily from the local community, with the two sites buffered by a cluster of oak trees. Projected to accommodate up to 60 clients on a typical day, the facility is approved for an addition that can house more classroom space or a half-court gym.

As a further demonstration of KG’s commitment to Spectrum, firm principals donated back more than 15 percent of their gross fees for the Ringwood project to support Spectrum. KG is a longtime Spectrum partner and champion, with Ringwood its fifth Spectrum assignment completed over the past 15 years.

The first Spectrum for Living site opened in Closter in 1983, housing 48 persons. Today, Spectrum operates 29 sites in four New Jersey counties and serves more than 800 individuals.

Kimmerle Newman Architects
Harding Township

Blauvelt, NY

Anthony J. DeNova III
County of Passaic


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