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In 2016, Contemporary Graphics and Bindery, Inc. (now Contemporary Graphic Solutions, CGS) merged business operations with its US subsidiary Rondo-Pak, Inc. Now known as Rondo-Pak, LLC, its customers operate in “complex environments,” such as the pharmaceutical industry. Its unique model unifies packaging and marketing supply under one global operation.

With the merger, Rondo-Pak customers now have access to an extended range of printed packaging formats such as inserts, leaflets, medication guides and regulated marketing materials, and CGS customers have access to Rondo-Pak’s special folding cartons and packaging system expertise, among other products.

Rondo-Pak’s $13.8-million Technology Center is a new state-of-the-art corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility located in the City of Camden’s HUBZone. Enacted into law as a part of the Small Business Reauthorization Act of 1997 and under the auspices of the US SBA, the program encourages economic development in “historically underutilized business zones” (HUBZones).

Rondo-Pak’s facility was custom designed to maximize efficiencies from start to finish in the company’s production workflow. It features new equipment, new packaging technologies and expanded employee training areas, plus room for the company to hire additional personnel. With corporate pride in its stewardship of the plant and in protecting natural resources, the facility also was developed with attention to sustainability and energy and waste reduction. Using only paper and packaging materials that come from forest farms that have met rigorous standards for protecting forestlands, communities and wildlife, and ink and operating supplies that are the most environmentally friendly available, Rondo-Pak complies with the standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance. Rondo-Pak also is an active participant in the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Choose Print initiatives.

Additionally, Rondo-Pak has proven its commitment to increasing employment by bringing job opportunities into the area and hiring locally. Of its 234 full-time employees, more than a third are Camden residents.

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