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When Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) relocated some 2,300 positions from its leased space in Plainsboro, it didn’t move the employees far. They are barely 10 miles away in Lawrence Township. In addition to retaining jobs in the state and having a strong presence in central New Jersey, the project builder, Torcon, trained and employed over 2,700 tradespersons on the site during construction.

The state-of-the-art glass building is situated on 135 acres on Princeton Pike and consists of four office buildings connected by a common atrium, totaling about 555,525 square feet. Its design is consistent with the company’s initiative to modernize its facilities through improved technology, more efficient design and workspace that enables collaboration, creativity and innovation. Employees have state-of-the-art tools to collaborate and enhance their productivity, including personal desktop video capabilities and an immersive, high-definition video conferencing environment. The entire site is both wired and wireless to enable employees to access the applications and information they need no matter where they are on the campus or what computing device they are using.

Committed to sustainability, BMS followed stringent LEED certification standards for energy and environmental design. Solar panels on the building roof generate approximately 1.0 megawatts of energy to offset energy supplied by the electric grid, and its chilled water system stores chilled water generated during off-hours and uses it for air conditioning during the day, reducing energy use during peak periods.

The parking lots and pedestrian paths were made with porous pavement to reduce runoff and promote recharging of groundwater aquifers. There are preferred parking areas for hybrid vehicles and indoor bicycle racks, and the pedestrian path that encircles the property will connect to the existing Lawrence-Hopewell trail. Nearly half the entire tract will remain working farmland.

BMS has long demonstrated its dedication to being a good corporate citizen. In 2015, BMS provided more than $8.3 million in charitable cash donations – and thousands more in kind – in support of New Jersey organizations and communities in which its employees work and live.


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