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Carroll McNulty Kull LLC

Celebrating 20 Years of Providing Expert Legal Services

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Carroll McNulty & Kull (CMK) opened its doors 20 years ago this month in a small barn in Far Hills. The firm was founded by three friends – Chris Carroll, Joe McNulty, and Gary Kull – who, one day on the golf course, made the bold decision to break out on their own.

It wasn’t long until CMK outgrew their modest little barn, moving to a larger one in Gladstone before settling into their current homebase in Basking Ridge. The moves were fueled by growth, which was the direct result of tireless work, and, most importantly, the strong relationships CMK lawyers built with their clients.

Chris, Joe and Gary set out to build CMK on a foundation of trust, with a mission to always place clients’ interests above all other concerns. “Client First – Firm First” has been their mantra, and from that they have never wavered. As a result, CMK has developed scores of strong and lasting relationships with clients – in fact, virtually every one that began with CMK in February 1997 is still with the firm today.

This longevity can be attributed to a culture that is espoused – and cherished – by CMK lawyers. The original members and those who followed quickly realized that CMK could only prosper if they all worked together and relied on each other’s different talents and strengths. This “we’re all in this together” approach has bred a culture that is collaborative and team-oriented. There is no internal competition at CMK – everyone feels they are an important part of the firm’s success and growth.

CMK now has nearly 100 lawyers in 5 locations: Basking Ridge, Manhattan, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Austin. Practice areas include Insurance Coverage on behalf of Insurance Companies, Insurance Defense, Construction and Surety, Commercial Litigation, Employment, Maritime and Interstate Transportation, and Real Estate and Land Use. CMK lawyers regularly practice throughout the United States in state and federal courts, and at the trial and appellate levels.

To learn more about where CMK has been, where it’s going, and how CMK can help you, check out CMK’s unique and award-winning website at www.cmk.com.

Contact Info

  • Year Established: 1997
  • Services: Full-Service Law Firm
  • Address: 120 Mountain View Boulevard
    Basking Ridge, New Jersey 07920-3444
  • Phone: 908-848-6300
  • Website: cmk.com
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