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PennJersey Environmental Consulting (PennJersey) has provided personalized due diligence, site assessment, and remediation consulting services to businesses and municipalities for over two decades. The team at PennJersey brings a unique mix of passion for science and project management expertise that results in exceptional value to clients. 

PennJersey has three Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRPs), each with an average of 36 years’ real-world experience. Our LSRPs exercise their professional judgment to be your advocate and provide you with final remediation documents that will withstand scrutiny, both in the present and future. Whether you have questions regarding Preliminary Assessments or Response Action Outcomes and everything in between, PennJersey has your answers.

PennJersey has been guiding environmental policy since the very inception of remediation services. Because of our intimate access to the NJDEP and our leadership in the Licensed Site Remedial Professionals Association, we are able to keep our clients well ahead of the curve. By working directly with the NJDEP and industry stakeholders, we can bring you result-oriented and science-driven solutions that minimize costs and liability.

For 23 years, the PennJersey team has conducted itself with one end in mind: keep our clients compliant; efficiently and effectively, ethically and honestly. It’s a simple philosophy: The most cost-effective way to get things done right is to do them right the first time. When it hasn’t been done right, PennJersey’s expertise can identify the cause of the issue and recommend viable solutions.

Environmental remediation and compliance with NJDEP’s requirements can be a complicated undertaking. Our team members are not only experienced, but resilient. When it comes to the intricacies and complexities that occur during the assessment, investigation and remediation processes, there are often unforeseeable obstacles that arise. We take this into account and stay transparent with our clients, available to them when they need us, throughout every project.

We understand that our clients are looking to us for solutions that fit their business needs. When it comes to the labyrinth of environmental regulatory and technical issues that complicate your business, PennJersey is the best choice for delivering cost-effective services that solve your problems.

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744 Milford Warren Glen Road, Milford, NJ 08848

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Rodger A. Ferguson, Jr., LSRP


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