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Progress & Plastics: How Inteplast Integrates Sustainable Practices


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Recycling continues to be an important focus in sustainable manufacturing in the 21st century, and plastics is one of the most commonly used materials in both industrial and commercial production today. As Inteplast Group celebrates its 25th year as a leader in the plastics industry, incorporating recycled resin into its products fortifies its position as a progressive North American manufacturer.

Through a joint venture with Ontario-based EFS-Plastics, Inteplast is taking part in the production of high-quality post-consumer resin and, in turn, manufacturing eco-friendly can liners at its existing facilities using this recycled resin. EFS-Plastics, which stands for Environmentally Friendly Solutions Plastics, is a leading player in the post-consumer recycling and processing landscape in North America. The company was recently featured on Science Channel’s “Made by Destruction” for its ability to provide post-consumer recycled resin to companies in need of sustainable solutions across many markets.

Through these efforts, distributors, customers and end users will benefit from the far-reaching impacts of eco-friendly practices. For example, institutions seeking Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) credits can employ Inteplast’s EcoStrong Plus™ can liners, made with a minimum of 10 percent post-consumer resin. Also, the complementary line of EcoStrong™ bags comprises up to 70 percent combined post-consumer and post-industrial resin.

Another Inteplast joint venture making strides in sustainable manufacturing is 20/20 Custom Molded Plastics, located in Holiday City, Ohio. Specializing in structural foam molding, 20/20 delivers products such as the innovative pickup truck storage system for its customer DECKED, LLC, made from 100 percent recycled high-density polyethylene. Drivers can store tools, equipment, sports or hunting gear securely in the flatbed of a pickup truck and the system is strong enough to support 2,000 pounds in cargo.

Inteplast LEED-certified can liners and its manufacturing of the DECKED system are only a small portion of the advancements made by the company in sustainable manufacturing. As retailers and distributors aim to serve a more environmentally aware consumer, Inteplast continues to support innovative applications that make life easier and environmentally balanced.

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