Inteplast Group New Jersey headquarters in Livingston.

Inteplast Group

Innovation in Manufacturing for 25 Years


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Although Inteplast is headquartered in Livingston, New Jersey, the plastics products it manufactures at more than 55 facilities in North America have made a worldwide impact for 25 years. 

The company produces almost every kind of useful plastic product one can imagine. From its Eco-Strong PlusTM can liners, which help institutions gain (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) LEED points, to sharps containers that allow for the safe and hygienic disposal of medical needles and other similar instruments used in healthcare – Inteplast has undoubtedly contributed to many facets in modern living over the past quarter of a century. Whether it’s the temper-resistant, cross-laminated film that prevents a curious child from opening a packet of prescription pills to the plastic bags that keep your favorite bakery’s bread fresh, or even the low-maintenance decking that brings a backyard to life – this company aims to create products that make life easier and enjoyable for everyone.

What elements foster Inteplast Group’s success? Innovative engineers; resourceful and safety-conscious plant operators and managers; dedicated sales, customer service, and marketing teams; and human resource experts, among many others, are all integral components of Inteplast, a company where everyone matters. Continuous improvement is a key tenet and thus allows the company to deliver high quality products and service to its customers. In general, lean manufacturing practices in addition to transparency, informatics, and positive reinforcement throughout all divisions, business units, and departments make for a winning, unified team.

As Inteplast has grown, starting from when its flagship manufacturing complex was being built in Lolita, Texas, on 575 acres, staff has continued to value a variety of sustainable practices, recycling, adherence to Operation Clean Sweep in United States facilities, and implementation of high safety standards and relevant training.

Ranked by Plastics News as the second top film and sheet manufacturer in sales, Inteplast was also recognized as having the largest sales gain among competitors in 2015. Rankings for this year have yet to be published.

Contact Info

  • Year Established: 1991
  • Services: Manufacturing of plastic products for industries spanning healthcare, foodservice, flexible packaging, building and construction, grocery, retail, sanitation, industrial and graphic arts.
  • Senior Executives: Joseph Wang, Senior VP, Administration, Robert Wang, Chief Financial Officer



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