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Worry-free Social Distancing at the Beach

The Beach Ring Makes Social Distancing Easy and Fun

Ocean-based Coolbreeze LLC has created the Beach Ring, an easy way to maintain social distancing while enjoying the beach. The patent-pending design provides a safe zone that is easy to set up and break down.

“We are giving people the opportunity to enjoy what they want to do,” said Coolbreeze founder Pete Siano, “With the Beach Ring, you can enjoy the beach without getting too close to others, or others too close to you.”

Coolbreeze LLC’s Lead Designer, Morris Babcock said, “Our focus was on creating a product that was easy to use and easy to bring back and forth to the beach. This is a product made by beach bums, for beach bums.”

The Beach ring is made from stainless spring steel inside a 6-inch nylon band to ensure it does not rust and makes set up and break-down easy. The Beach Ring is 12 feet in diameter, giving individuals inside the ring a 6-foot radius around them. The product easily folds into the included bag for easy transportation. The Beach Ring comes in red and blue and can be pre-ordered at

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