Worldwater & Solar Technologies, Inc. Names Dr. Chris Sherring Chief Operating Officer

Princeton-based WorldWater & Solar Technologies, Inc. (WWST) announces today that Dr. Chris Sherring has been named chief operating officer of the international engineering company which develops and markets proprietary, advanced technology solar systems and applications. For projects around the world, including multi-MegaWatt solar parks, large irrigation programs and community drinking water systems, WWST utilizes its technology to drive high-powered motors and pumps and stand-alone water pumping and purification/desalination systems. The Company is considered the oldest continuing solar firm in America, having operated worldwide since 1984.

“Chris Sherring re-joins us as we are experiencing very fast growth in our US and international markets,” said Quentin T. Kelly, WorldWater founder, chairman and CEO. “His education as a physicist and his 30 years of solar background contribute significantly to our position as the leader in solar and water projects around the globe.”

Dr. Sherring will be coordinating corporate operations and working directly with global government and business leaders, overseeing WWST’s engineering teams and project managers in the Company’s international solar implementations. In addition to operations in the US and countries in Central America and the Caribbean, WWST has recently opened offices in Saudi Arabia and Morocco and is active in Egypt, Ghana, Namibia and the Philippines.

Dr. Sherring stated, “WorldWater’s  technology and products are uniquely suited to the current global demand for sustainable power and urgently needed clean water supplies. We are growing rapidly to meet this worldwide market.”

Dr. Sherring received his PhD in Solid State Physics from Exeter University in the UK. He has worked with WorldWater in earlier years and has been chief executive of solar companies in Europe and the United States.

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