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Westfield Partners with Volta Charging for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The Town of Westfield and Volta Industries, Inc. (Volta Charging), an industry leader in commerce-centric electric vehicle (EV) charging networks, partnered to install six electric vehicle charging stations in strategic locations throughout Westfield at no cost to the town, providing residents, local employees and visitors with the ability to charge their EVs for free.

“The six Volta charging stations are an innovative addition to Westfield’s economic development efforts while supporting our commitment to sustainability,” said Westfield Mayor Shelley Brindle. “In supporting the emerging EV market, we are leaning into the green economy to help drive our post-COVID economic recovery. These charging stations will provide convenience and additional incentive to shop in Downtown Westfield.”

Furthering efforts to establish a local green economy, the Town of Westfield anticipates the addition of several new businesses along North Avenue focused on sustainability – including a Karma Automotive Dealership, and Redi-farms, a hydroponic vertical farm to provide year-round locally grown produce to the community.

“Volta Charging’s mission is to make electric vehicle charging accessible, and we applaud Westfield in bringing this infrastructure to its residents,” said Scott Mercer, founder and CEO of Volta Charging. “We are thrilled to work with Westfield to reach its sustainability goals, help provide charging to its residents and assist local businesses with Volta Charging’s marketing capabilities. It’s a win-win for the local economy and residents as we look towards an electrified future.”

Two charging stations are located in Lot 4 (behind Baron’s Drug Store), two in Lot 1 (at Trader Joe’s) and two in Lot 2 (near the Fire Department). Volta Charging absorbs the electricity usage and installation costs, with standard parking fees for the use of the spaces still applying to those charging their vehicles.

Volta Charging’s EV charging business model is unique to the market. Centered around evolving spending habits caused by the move to electric vehicles, Volta Charging is transforming the fueling infrastructure by building charging networks in locations where drivers already spend their time and money, including grocery stores, pharmacies and other retail locations. Volta’s charging stations feature large eye-catching digital displays that function as a sophisticated media network, providing brands a way to reach shoppers moments before they enter a store. These sponsor-supported charging stations provide energy to customers who are able to plug in their vehicles where and when they shop. Volta Charging’s business partners who choose to have Volta charging stations installed report an increase in spend, dwell time and engagement on site. Currently located in 23 states and over 200 municipalities, Volta Charging’s approach has gained significant acceptance and penetration in the market.

Volta Charging recently partnered with Bergen County when it installed charging stations at the Bergen County Zoo in 2020.

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