Wells Fargo Names Four NJ Region Community Bank Presidents

Wells Fargo announces Region Bank Presidents for the Community Bank’s New Jersey region. The move is based on a reorganization plan the financial institution announced last month.

There had been two region presidents and six area presidents, for a total of eight Community Bank executives.  There will be four Region Bank Presidents, which is a new position consolidating the roles of area president and region president into one. There are 294 branches in New Jersey.

According to the bank, “this is the right go-forward structure for Community Banking as it allows Wells Fargo to be more streamlined, efficient, and consistent across our regions. Consolidating the two roles gives us one role that is clearly defined, reduces the levels of management, and tightens controls. This move will also improve span of control which was between three to four at the RP and AP level and will now be six to eight among RBPs. It also brings leaders closer to customers and team members which enhances two-way conversations and input.

Larisa Perry remains the Northeast Lead Region President for Community Bank. She covers New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Delaware, which overall includes 744 branches.

The New Jersey Region Bank Presidents reporting to Perry are:

  • Azhoon “AZ” Abdulghani  – Gateway Region (74 branches) – he was formerly an Area President in Northern New Jersey
  • Carlos Arroyo  – Central New Jersey (74 branches) ) – he was formerly an Area President in Northern New Jersey
  • Brian Formisano – Southern New Jersey (66 branches) – he was formerly an Area President in Pennsylvania
  • Gregory White  – Northern New Jersey  (80 branches) – he was formerly a Region President in Pennsylvania; prior to that he was an area president in Northern New Jersey

Additionally, Fred Bertoldo, formerly the region president in Northern New Jersey, has become region bank president for New York state’s 73 branches. In addition, Ivon Creagh, who was formerly an area president in Northern New Jersey, will now oversee 67 branch locations in Northeast Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley region.

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