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Wells Fargo Awards $50,000 Grant to Empower the Next Generation of Visionary Leaders

Wells Fargo has awarded a $50,000 grant to Thomas Edison State University as part of its commitment to supporting high quality education in the state of New Jersey.

The grant provides support for the development of the Center for Leadership and Governance at Thomas Edison State University.  The Center’s cutting-edge work will focus on developing and guiding emerging leaders in the fields of higher education, government, and nonprofit health and human services while strengthening the effectiveness of those already serving in leadership roles.

With the benefit of more than 35 years of presidential experience that Dr. George A. Pruitt, President Emeritus and Board Distinguished Fellow, brings to the Center, its offerings will comprehensively address the current challenges that face those in leadership positions and will educate and empower the next generation of visionary leaders in Trenton, in the state of New Jersey and in the nation. It will create a network of effective leaders with integrity who are prepared to lead across all boundaries, work effectively with people of all backgrounds and ideas, find common ground and collaborations with those whose ideas may differ, and work in a spirit of shared commitment to organizational, regional, state and national success.

“The funding to support the newly established Center will help us provide executive leadership development opportunities to shape future leaders, and guide current leaders, to serve with purpose, vision, values and integrity and to provide effective strategies for governing boards in higher education, non-profits, and government entities,” said Linda Meehan, center director. “We are immensely grateful to Wells Fargo for its support of this endeavor.”

“At Wells Fargo, we believe that visionary leadership is a critical component to the success of our communities,” said Wanda Saez, SVP, community relations manager for Wells Fargo. “Thomas Edison State University’s commitment to the city of Trenton, the state of New Jersey and beyond, is a model of what true leadership can accomplish.”

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