Water Delivery Infrastructure in Edison and South Amboy to Receive $12 Million Upgrade by Middlesex Water Company

Middlesex Water Company has announced that a $12.0 million project to replace aging water infrastructure is set to begin in the Township of Edison and the City of South Amboy.  As part of its RENEW Program in 2016, the company intends to replace eight miles of water mains, as well as service lines, valves, fire hydrants and meters.  The work is being performed to improve fire flows and overall service quality in the area as the new mains being installed have greater water carrying capacity.

“One of the key focuses of our company in 2016 is the continued strengthening of our water distribution infrastructure for continued service reliability, resiliency and water quality,” said Dennis Doll, President and Chief Executive Officer. “This upgrade not only improves overall service quality, but helps us identify any leaks where we can save water. We’re also able to pass on energy and treatment cost savings to customers in future rate proceedings as the improvements enable us to deliver water more efficiently and cost-effectively.  Proactively replacing aging infrastructure now — on a planned schedule — reduces the likelihood of future disruptive and costly emergency repairs,” added Doll.

While the overall project is expected to take six months to complete, individual homes should only be affected for a few days as crews replace and install the new mains and meters.

While the company makes every effort to minimize the impact of its work on traffic, residents may observe some traffic disruption as the roadway is trenched to accommodate the construction of a new water main.  There will also be excavations when the service lines are connected to the new mains.  This will impact traffic flow, but on a smaller scale.  Affected customers will receive additional details about the project.  Customers affected by RENEW can expect to be without water service for a period of 2-3 hours as their service is transferred from the old main to the new main and while their interior meter is removed.  Middlesex Water will says it will always strive to reduce the project’s impact on residents.

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