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Warren-based Tevogen Establishes Philly R&D Center

Tevogen Bio, the Warren-based late-stage biotechnology company specializing in developing cell and gene therapies in oncology, neurology, and virology, announced its new Research and Development Center located in Philadelphia’s historic Wanamaker building to further expand the company’s R&D capability allowing expansion of its precision T cell product pipeline. The company’s next generation precision T cell technology platform holds promise to deliver lifesaving innovations for viral infections, cancers, and neurological conditions for which there is a high unmet need.

The center will serve as the central location for the company’s product development initiatives and will house Tevogen’s global R&D leadership team. The Wanamaker location accompanies Tevogen’s recently announced CIC Philadelphia facilities, which will provide the company with comprehensive research and product development capability. The highly equipped CIC laboratories will serve as a location for Tevogen’s ongoing preclinical research and will house its scientific and investigative teams.

“The addition of the Tevogen’s R&D center along with our CIC research facilities will provide the company with comprehensive research and product development capability as we continue to explore the great potential of our precision T cell technology,” said Tevogen Chairman and CEO Ryan Saadi, M.D., M.P.H. “Our patients and investors both demand differentiated products, meaningful inventions, and unrestricted access. We cannot spend billions and take decades to bring products of marginal values to the market. I am confident that Tevogen is going to disrupt the mold; in less than two years we have grown from a concept to a fully operational biotech powerhouse,” Saadi added.

Tevogen’s next generation precision T cell platform is designed to provide increased specificity to eliminate malignant and virally infected cells, while allowing healthy cells to remain intact. Targets are selected in advance with the goal of overcoming mutational capacity of cancer cells and viruses.

The company is investigating its technology’s potential to overcome the primary barriers to the broad application of personalized T cell therapies: potency, purity, production-at-scale, and patient-pairing, without the limitations of current approaches. Tevogen’s goal is to open the vast and unprecedented potential of developing personalized immunotherapies for large patient populations impacted by common cancers and viral infections.

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