Visiting Nurse Association Health Group to join BAYADA Home Health Care

Together, entities will increase access to high-quality care at home as the country’s leading mission-driven home health care organization

Moorestown-based BAYADA Home Health Care, a leading provider of in-home health care and support services, and Visiting Nurse Association Health Group (VNAHG), a New Jersey-headquartered nonprofit provider for more than 107 years of home-based health services, announced that VNAHG intends to join BAYADA to help serve more people and to grow their collective impact to support those in need of high-quality, home-based health care.

This agreement, expected to be finalized by November, will join two established and mission-aligned organizations to leverage management, operating platforms and strategic growth strategies to enhance their positive impact on the continuum of care, helping patients experience a better quality of life while staying in the most cost-efficient and consumer-preferred setting: the home.

As part of the agreement, VNAHG’s home health, hospice and physician service programs and hospital partnerships will be integrated into BAYADA’s operations and Steven Landers, MD, MPH, President and CEO of VNAHG will serve as Group President overseeing BAYADA’s home health and hospice specialties.

“By joining forces with VNA Health Group, we will expand access to quality care made possible through our operational and clinical expertise and help to improve patient outcomes for our strategic health systems partners,” said BAYADA CEO David Baiada. “Dr. Landers is a proven leader in the home health care industry; the addition of his leadership, clinical excellence and innovative solutions will help us further propel our organization and build out our home health, hospice and physician services.”

Both BAYADA and VNAHG have extensive track records partnering with leading hospitals and health systems and extending home health and hospice to the people they serve—a growing area of opportunity to help improve the accessibility and availability of high-value coordinated health care and serve more lives through hospital relationships.

This agreement follows BAYADA’s transition to a nonprofit organization in late December 2018, designed as part of founder and chairman Mark Baiada’s Lasting Legacy vision to be the world’s most compassionate and trusted team of home health care professionals. Built on the promise of ‘purpose over payout,’ the nonprofit structure helps provide the cultural and financial stewardship of the 44-year-old company and protects it from sale, as written in its bylaws. Becoming a nonprofit provides the necessary governance structure and resulting sustainability to play a major role in unleashing the untapped potential that home as center of the consumer health care experience can provide

“BAYADA’s long-standing commitment to delivering quality clinical care through their proven operational model and support systems, producing improved patient outcomes, is a strategic priority that the VNA Health Group and I share,” said Dr. Landers. “We are eager to join a team that will help us all make an even greater positive impact on the lives of more people who are in need of home health care.”

BAYADA’s and VNAHG’s nearly 150 years of combined clinical and operational expertise will, together, further build upon ideal experiences that benefit both patients and employees.

Upon regulatory approval, Dr. Landers will lead the collaborative integration process of VNAHG’s home health, hospice and physician service operations—including the operations of all hospital partnerships—to BAYADA, and VNAHG staff will join BAYADA’s community of employees, a network of more than 28,000 caregivers across 360 locations in 23 states and internationally, and an internal support infrastructure that includes comprehensive training and ongoing educational opportunities, clinical supervision, state-of-the-art technology workflow technologies and employee- engaging recognition programs.

VNAHG’s longstanding VNA of Central Jersey Foundation (VNACJ) will remain an independent organization and will continue its successful community health programs and its continued partnership with the VNACJ Community Health Centers that have been a part of its founding mission since 1912.

“Thanks to the growth of BAYADA’s home health and hospice specialties that our Home Health and Hospice Practice Presidents Mike Johnson, PhD, PT, and Adam Groff, MD, MBA, respectively with their teams, have achieved, we have a unique strategic opportunity to serve more lives through partnerships with mission-aligned organizations like VNA Health Group,” said Baiada. “We look forward to blending the best of both business operations and clinical models, and together capitalizing on opportunities that will help us make it possible to continue our growth, extend our impact and increase access to quality care at home.”

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