Visionet Implements New E-Commerce Platform for Y. Hata & Co.

Cranbury-based Visionet Systems, the leader in digitally enabled solutions to drive global business that innovates, designs, and delivers products and services built in the cloud, announced today the successful launch of a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce implementation for Y. Hata & Co., Limited. The large, family-owned food service distributor in Hawaii required an integrated commerce platform for its cash-and-carry division, ChefZone. The new unified platform improves managerial productivity and overall output, resulting in increased scalability and customer satisfaction.

“Y. Hata & Co., Limited has been a mainstay in Hawaii for over 109 years, so we were honored to provide a solution to their challenges and ensure their continued success,” said Ali Zubairy, Senior Vice President, Digital and Head of Europe and UKI of Visionet Systems. “Visionet takes pride in offering our clients a comprehensive approach to business and inventory management. By integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 into their already existing systems, the ChefZone team now has unified productivity and complete visibility over all aspects of operations.”

Prior to adopting Visionet’s highly integrated commerce solution, ChefZone had 14 separate business management solutions and lacked a centralized system, which led to inefficiencies in communication standards, operating procedures, and information sharing.

“Our subsidiary ChefZone was facing multiple challenges and required a technological suite that could enhance its overall performance,” said Brian Marting, Chief Financial Officer of Y. Hata & Co. “Our quest for digital transformation led us to reach out to Visionet and Microsoft.”

ChefZone gained a 360-degree customer view and a robust solution with advanced warehouse-management (WMS) capabilities after the implementation. Visionet also enabled the seamless integration of digital price tags for over 6,000 products, which led to a six to eight percent increase in worker efficiency, as well as the implementation of a point-of-sale (POS) system that enhanced credit-limit checks. Additionally, with ChefZone modernizing its legacy systems, Y. Hata & Co., Limited increased scalability, resulting in greater accuracy and faster order fulfillment. Overall, this unified shopping experience across all internal and external channels improved brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

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