Virtua Health Launches New Brand, New Look

South Jersey’s largest health system positions itself with a “Culture of WE”

Just three months after its acquisition of the Lourdes Health System, Marlton-based Virtua Health announced its new brand, which includes a new brand strategy, new logo, and new look and feel for all its marketing and communications. More than a matter of fonts and color palettes, the invigorated brand conveys Virtua’s steadfast commitment to the people of South Jersey.

“In the past few years, Virtua Health has grown in many significant ways. With the acquisition of Lourdes, we expanded our services to provide a more complete spectrum of care, we opened new locations in the neighborhoods where our consumers live, and we broadened our workforce to include more than 14,000 talented individuals,” said Dennis W. Pullin, FACHE, Virtua Health president and CEO. “Our new brand helps tell that story by honoring our past while creating something fresh and forward-thinking.”

One major change to the logo is the formal inclusion of the word “Health” in the brand name.

“We are not just brick and mortar locations that takes care of the sick and injured,” added Pullin.  “We want to signal to the community that our emphasis is on health. When we say our mission is to help people be well, get well, and stay well, we are equally focused on showing up when people need support and resources to optimize their health.”

After a little over a year of quantitative and qualitative research, including key stakeholder interviews, focus groups, and extensive social listening, Virtua Health’s senior leadership and board landed on a powerful positioning strategy: Here for Good.

“It is undeniable what we stand for, which is being a trusted neighbor who thinks about the health of the people in the community every day and wants to be here to help them achieve their best lives,” said Chrisie Scott, Virtua Health senior vice president and chief marketing officer. “We’ve created a fresh, inviting, colorful identity to express our vibrancy and a warm, confident sonic to signal our brand’s relevancy in an audio world.”

A second notable aspect of the new logo is a multi-color icon inspired by the lotus flower, a globally recognized symbol of serenity and healing. In addition to the lotus, the icon is open to a number of interpretations, including a caring heart, outstretched caring hands, and the letter V. It consists of four colors – ocean, sky, coral, and sun – that intentionally call to mind trust and hope.

“The icon, like Virtua Health itself, is accessible and adaptable. It pays tribute to our name, our purpose, and the way we deliver care and make people feel,” said Scott.

Delivering trusted, personalized care is at the core of Virtua Health’s vision, and the organization’s leadership recognized the rebrand as an opportunity to reframe its culture.

“Our culture can be seen and felt in all aspects of our work,” said Rhonda Jordan, Virtua Health senior vice president and chief human resources officer. “As we roll out the new brand, we will also present our colleagues [Virtua’s preferred term for employees] with a new way of articulating our core values.”

A special taskforce – consisting of colleagues representing a variety of backgrounds, roles, and skills – has constructed a framework called the Culture of WE.

Among the six guiding principles which comprise the refreshed culture are open communication, purposeful leadership, continuous learning and innovation, inclusive teamwork, caring with accountability, and a patient- and consumer-centric mindset. Naturally, these principles depend upon an engaged workforce, which Virtua Health refers to as its “best people.”

“It was inspiring to watch the diverse and dedicated members of this taskforce – many of whom recently joined Virtua as part of the Lourdes acquisition – come together and collaborate on this important initiative. We already shared a passion for providing top-quality care. Now we have a shared language to help us verbalize and embody those values,” Jordan said.

Chrisie Scott added, “Everything comes down to the people — those we serve alongside of and those we serve. We recognize how much choice people have, and we want to earn that opportunity by making it easy and preferred to be connected to Virtua Health.”

“Virtua Health is already a respected and established presence here in South Jersey, and with this rebrand, our intention is to better reflect our purpose and be a recognized force for good as we make an important difference,” stated Pullin.

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