University Partners with Brewer Sports International to Help Current and Former NFL Players Complete Their Degrees

Thomas Edison State University is partnering with Brewer Sports International to help current and former National Football League (NFL) players finish their undergraduate degrees and prepare to transition for a career after leaving the gridiron.

The Trenton-based university’s partnership with Brewer Sports International, a global sports management organization with a focus on professional athlete career development, business management and sports financing, will help athletes take advantage of their National Football League Player Association (NFLPA) Trust Program player benefits among others, which include reimbursement for tuition, fees and books related to undergraduate or postgraduate course work.

“Education is the most important part of a successful second career transition,” said Jack Brewer, five year NFL veteran and CEO of The Brewer Group. “We will expand this partnership to offer this opportunity to athletes of all sports as well as entertainers, artists and influencers. Our goal is to help these athletes and influencers find that interest or passion that will guide them through the next chapter of their lives.”

For many athletes, including NFL veteran Troy Vincent, a 2007 graduate of Thomas Edison State University, the key to post-retirement success lies in a solid educational foundation.

“Planning for life after football began in high school and continued throughout my playing experience with education as the cornerstone. My degree has served me well as I have pursued a lifetime of learning,” said Vincent, executive vice president of Football Operations with the NFL. “Long after the playing experience ends, your education remains. It’s often the degree of separation between opportunity and misfortune. Financial freedom is ultimately in your education.”

With a primary focus on providing a realistic path to finishing their college degree, the partnership will provide seamless processes for athletes to have access to tutoring as well as staff and mentor support systems, similar to what they may have experienced at their undergraduate institution before joining the NFL. Brewer Sports International also works with numerous current and former professional athletes who act as mentors to keep students on track to degree completion.

“We are pleased to partner with this dynamic organization, as we as an institution value these athletes and support their post-career plans of completing their degrees,” said Janet Eickhoff, associate vice president, Office of Strategic Partnerships and Outreach at the University. “Our mission of serving self-directed adults directly aligns with the kind of mindset and motivation that many professional athletes possess, which makes them ideal students at Thomas Edison State University.”

Brewer Sports International is led by NFL veteran Jack Brewer, who serves as CEO of the organization. Brewer, a former safety for the New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals, completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minn. prior to entering the NFL. Since his retirement, he has made it his mission to inspire fellow athletes and artists to continue to grow before, during and after their professional careers through many outlets, including continuing education.

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