UNEX Manufacturing Introduces New Material Handling and Order Picking Solutions at ProMat 2017

Lakewood-based UNEX Manufacturing, Inc., the trusted industry leader in providing innovative order picking solutions, announces the company will be introducing new material handling and order picking solutions in their Booth S429 at ProMat 2017. UNEX will showcase prototypes of their new Pick-Plank for pallet storage and guiderails for Span-Track, along with other carton flow and lineside storage solutions that help companies to maximize space usage, increase pick rates and improve ergonomics at the point of pick.

“To help businesses meet customer demands for ever-faster fulfillment, eliminate out-of-stocks and efficiently manage growing inventories, UNEX offers solutions to speed order picking operations, such as our patented Span-Track that reduces travel time between picks by 85 percent,” said Brian C. Neuwirth, VP Marketing and Sales at UNEX Manufacturing. “From retailers to assembly operations, our innovative solutions are the most durable, reliable and efficient, keeping clients’ processes flowing and profits growing.”

At the UNEX Booth S429, show visitors will see:

  • Pick-Plank Prototype – In order to gather feedback from show attendees and gather interest in possible beta sites, UNEX will show their newly designed Pick-Plank solution that eases loading of pallets on storage shelves. The new Pick-Plank rests in a position similar to the wire deck in pallet racks, allowing manual replenishment so that a full pallet does not have to be moved from one position to another via a forklift.
  • Span-Track Guiderail Prototype – New guiderails can be added to Span-Track, allowing companies to create a dedicated lane of carton flow on UNEX’s Span-Track universal wheel beds. The new guiderails are made of an aluminum rail that drops onto the Span-Track and locks into place, reducing assembly time and installation. This niche solution is ideal for companies who need the flexibility of the Span-Track wheel beds, but still want the benefits of dedicated lanes offered by the UNEX roller lanes.
  • Span-Track helps companies manage their inventory with the FIFO methodology – first in, first out – which ensures products are always fresh and within date limits. Span-Track is available in a variety of options from light to heavy duty capacity and a drop-in design, allowing you to fit any pallet rack type. Multiple-sized products can be positioned within the same shelf space with the new guiderails separating products for easier slotting of items.

ProMat 2017 takes place in Chicago at McCormick Place on April 3 – 6, 2017 with over 950 exhibitors and 100 educational seminars. For a little fun so visitors can take a break from the hectic show, UNEX has designed an arcade game with their Flow Cell structure and accessories.

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