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The Giant is Coming to the American Dream Mall

The Giant Company Attractions Limited of Dublin, Ireland, and American Dream are partnering to develop the world’s first Giant visitor attraction called “The Giant” at American Dream. The anticipated opening is scheduled for January 2025.

The Giant will feature the world’s tallest moving statue standing 16.5 meters high (54 feet/5 stories). It is an androgynous anthropomorphic shaped statue with a skin of custom created video LEDs, its arms and head move to a diversity of positions.

The Giant instantly transforms into an infinite array of spectacular images. Using patented LED, AI and bespoke scanning technologies, it comes to life displaying any person – men, women, and children – from celebrities and historical figures to visitors to the attraction. In addition to the Giant statue, the attraction features The Giant Exhibition, a futuristic environment with a themed immersive visitor experience, volumetric scanning pods and other engaging elements.

Visitors to The Giant attraction are scanned in a state-of-the-art volumetric scanning theater and are displayed on the Giant statue resulting in the portrait of a lifetime and the most amazing selfie on earth. As the visitor is scanned a holographic avatar, an exact representation of the visitor is generated. This three-dimensional hologram is displayed and manipulated through the subject’s smartphone and can transport the visitor (through his/her avatar) to a variety of fascinating and engaging augmented and virtual reality environments and experiences.

Every hour The Giant puts on a show and performs for visitors to the center. The statue will transform into an extraordinary person – a giant from today or yesteryear – including historical figures, contemporary stars, artists, celebrities, sports heroes, inventors, scientists, humanitarians, and other public figures.

In addition to its ability to morph into any person, The Giant’s arms and head move, adding to the drama of the performances. It also speaks, sings, and recites lines of verse and prose. A myriad of surrounding screens and additional high tech visual and aural effects will make these hourly presentations must see spectacles for all mall goers.

The Giant will also be a remarkable platform for brand celebration, the display of artworks, thrilling motion graphics, and a backdrop for concerts and other performances and events.

Don Ghermezian, CEO of Triple Five Group, owners, and operators of American Dream, says, “The Giant brilliantly represents American Dream’s commitment to deliver an innovative one-of-a-kind world class experience for all our visitors. It will be a unique and spectacular addition to the center, and we are looking forward to seeing our visitors become Giants.”

Paddy Dunning CEO of The Giant Attractions Company relates, “We are excited to build the world’s first Giant at American Dream. Besides the iconic stature of the attraction The Giant is devoted to the empowerment and development of human potential. Everyone can strive to improve themselves and their communities, and everyone can aspire to become a Giant – that’s the American Dream!”

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