Tevogen Bio Announces Partnership to Enhance Development of COVID-19 Treatment

Tevogen Bio announces partnership with BioCentriq, a New Jersey based cell and gene therapy development and manufacturing center, to support clinical manufacturing of Tevogen’s investigational COVID-19 treatment.

Under the partnership, experts from both entities will collaborate at BioCentriq’s state-of-the art GMP facilities to produce Tevogen’s proprietary COVID-19 targeted T cells. The teams will utilize the processes and technology required to ensure that all quality standards are met in the large scale manufacturing of Tevogen’s clinical grade, allogeneic T-cell therapy.

“Our team of experts will work collaboratively with Tevogen to apply best practices, advanced technologies and proven analytical methods to prepare them for clinical trials and beyond,” said Haro Hartounian, Ph.D., senior vice-president, and general manager of BioCentriq. “We are proud to partner with a New Jersey based biotechnology company that is advancing highly promising investigational curative therapy by leveraging lab-grown virus-specific t-lymphocytes to recognize and destroy COVID-19-infected cells.”

Tevogen’s Investigational New Drug (IND) application for its proprietary antigen specific T cell therapy is currently under review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In the upcoming trials, Tevogen will study its highly enriched COVID-19 specific CD8+ T cells, TVGN-489, for the drug’s safety and ability to recognize and eliminate COVID-19 infected cells, essentially curing a patient of the virus.

Yale-trained infectious disease epidemiologist Ryan Saadi, MD, MPH, is leading Tevogen’s efforts and emphasized the importance of leveraging BioCentriq’s highly trained cell therapy manufacturing talent.

“T cell therapies are the next frontier of medicine and we are thrilled to partner with such a prestigious research institute at the forefront of cell and gene therapy to support our mission to create affordable and scalable curative therapies,” Dr. Saadi stated. “New Jersey is the ideal location to focus our efforts, specifically due to the state’s robust research and technological expertise,” he added.

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