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Terumo & BioCentriq Announce Collaboration

Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies (Terumo) and Newark-based BioCentriq announced the formation of a strategic collaboration designed to accelerate the adoption of automated manufacturing to bring novel cell and gene therapies (CGT) to patients more quickly and cost effectively. Terumo is a medical technology company specializing in a portfolio of technology, software and services for blood component collection, therapeutic apheresis and cell and gene therapy technologies. BioCentriq is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) focused exclusively on cell and gene therapy.

As part of the agreement, the BioCentriq laboratories will be equipped with Terumo’s technologies, including Quantum® Cell Expansion System and Finia® Fill and Finish System. Quantum is a functionally closed, automated cell expansion system that enables process control for a variety of adherent cells, suspension cells, viral vectors and exosomes. The Finia System, made available to the market in 2020, provides automation for the final steps of cell and gene manufacturing.

Terumo chose BioCentriq as a strategic partner to support its expansion into the CGT market in North America. Through Biocentriq, Terumo will engage early-stage CGT researchers and developers within academia and pre-clinical and clinical development by conducting demonstrations and joint networking events. Terumo will also introduce BioCentriq to its customer base.

“As a CDMO, BioCentriq continually strives to source and adopt the latest and most innovative and cost-effective technology and services,” said Haro Hartounian, senior vice president and general manager, BioCentriq. “The use of automated manufacturing processes is critical for the cell and gene therapy industry as it moves toward commercialization in wider indications with larger patient populations. Terumo’s international presence will help broaden BioCentriq’s potential market and provide a range of additional technology to enhance our equipment portfolio.”

BioCentriq’s research and development experts will identify opportunities where clients can improve their manufacturing processes by introducing automation enabled using Terumo equipment during their process development and optimization.

“Across the cell and gene therapy sector, collaborations are key to accelerating process improvements and commercialization of life-saving therapies. BioCentriq is a strategic relationship to support academic and early-stage customers to navigate their manufacturing process through the stages of development,” said Delara Motlagh, general manager, Cell Therapy Technologies, Terumo. “Our automated solutions and services coupled with BioCentriq’s capabilities will meet our customers where they are in their product development pathway and enable a scalable strategy for the future.”

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