TechLaunch BullPen Honors Tech Startups

It was raining talent at last night’s TechLaunch BullPen. A standing-room-only crowd of investors, mentors, academia, students and business people heard investor pitches from a select group of presenting companies representing a broad swath of business models.  When the votes in the room were tallied, SiLAS emerged as the clear winner of both the coveted Investor Panel Award and the popular Audience Award, both of which in answer to the question, “Which company is the most fundable?”

SiLAS, with support from the National Science Foundation, is a first of its kind browser-based software in which students and teachers engage in social scenes using video/audio game controllers to control and track their own 3D avatars. CEO, Chris Dudick, who personally presented at BullPen 12, remarked, “It was an honor to have been chosen to pitch and then win at the BullPen. My mentor, Ratan Agarwal, really set my pitch deck up for success.  I am extremely excited to now work with Mario Casabona and the TechLaunch team on bringing SiLAS to the next level.”

The other impressive companies vying for Panel and Audience recognition included the following:

OnGo Energy – the most efficient energy supplement on the market, packing the highest concentration of natural caffeine in a sugar-free, liquid spray formula, called OnGo Energy Spray, for anyone who needs a quick boost on-the-go. Endorsed by two great Olympians.

Scanifly – a unique drone-based software for solar installers that automates the development and maintenance process, whose goal is to centralize the solar industry onto a singular platform. Scanifly reduces surveying time by 90% while enhancing system accuracy and worker safety.

Aersys – (representing the undergraduate student slot at Rutgers University) a logistics startup developing a network of A.I.-powered infrastructure to support multi-leg delivery utilizing drones, rovers, traditional vehicles and other technologies.

TechLaunch Founder, Mario Casabona, observed, “The quality of the presenting companies as well as the outstanding turnout for last night’s BullPen proved an impressive start to 2019. By all measures, we have found our niche in this business & technology ecosystem and I look forward to maintaining TechLaunch’s successful momentum. My thanks to Alfred Blake at Rutgers for his generous support, and also to Clark Lagemann at Scarlet Startups; always a pleasure working with you both!”

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