TechLaunch Announces Winners of BullPen No. 6

The capacity crowd at Wednesday night’s BullPen, held on the campus of Monmouth University, demonstrated a robust interest among both professional and academic circles in the developing tech entrepreneur scene in New Jersey.  In keeping with tradition, the evening’s presentations represented three early-stage companies and one student-led enterprise (from within the undergraduate body at Monmouth University). The Investor Panel was seated in front of a mixed Audience (consisting of angel investors, business leaders, tech entrepreneurs and the university community) who together watched the Founders’ 10-minute presentations, followed by respective Audience Q&As and Investor Panel feedback. At the end, both groups voted independently on the presenting company they thought was the most ‘fundable’ and ‘best business to succeed’, respectively.

The Investor Panel Award went to PCI Global, Inc., an intriguing company that builds and develops gamified training programs for a variety of top tier clients around the world, with a presentation by Founder & CEO, John Censor. The goal of PCI Global is to expedite the ability of corporate executives to learn, retain and apply the myriad key management and leadership skill sets which are mission-critical in today’s competitive and global business landscape. The company has raised seed capital and is generating revenue.

The Audience Award of the evening went to Centiment, a young company which uses neuro-computing (yes, folks, we’re talking brain scans) to accomplish a more ethical and efficient mind-powered advertising model. As Founder & CEO, Micah Brown illustrated, the focus is on solving inefficient advertising using Thought Driven AI. Centiment already has partnerships with IBM and Sprint, to date. The company has raised seed capital and is generating revenue.

A close contender for Audience favorite was Homeowners Hub, whose Co-Founder & CEO, Kavell Taylor described it as a convenient platform that solves the homeowner’s maintenance, repair, and renovation needs as well as the contractor’s back and front office pains. The company has raised seed capital and is generating revenue.

Representing the Student slot at BullPen 6 was retrender, an online exchange platform whose mission will be to save students and Millennials a fair amount of cash in their wallets as they aim to stay fashionably dressed while keeping within the budget constraints of young adulthood. An impressively smooth presentation was delivered by Founders, Eric Alves and Shravan Parvathaneni.

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