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Task Force Initiative to Support Small Businesses During Anticipated COVID Second Wave

Since the spring of 2020, thousands of hours have been devoted supporting small businesses in different sectors of the economy through the Economic Recovery Task Force Initiative of the New Jersey Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Ramapo College. The Ramapo College SBDC is overseen by Regional Director Vincent Vicari.

As the initiative moves into October, professional SBDC business management consultants at the center are prepared to navigate the small business community through any challenges brought about by the rise of coronavirus cases throughout the state. In reflection of the new uncertainties facing small businesses in the region this autumn, Initiative Chairperson Ryan Greff remarked, “The center’s task forces were there for the small business community when COVID first hit and the center will be there again during any second wave of the virus.” The Economic Recovery Task Forces have aided businesses in a multitude of ways such as helping conduct cost analyses, facilitating access to loans and grants, shifting marketing strategies, and adapting management techniques to meet the changing demands of the post-COVID business environment.

The New Jersey Small Business Development Center at Ramapo College is a federal-state-education partnership, primarily funded by the United States Small Business Administration, that provides no-cost business management counseling and information services to small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The SBDC at Ramapo College can be reached at [email protected]. Businesses may sign up for counseling services at

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