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Tanishq Jewelry Brand Launches First US Store in NJ

Tanishq intends to tap into the sizable Indian diaspora through its flagship store in New Jersey

Tanishq, an Indian jewelry brand, today announced the launch of its first store in the United States. The 3,750-square-foot, two-story showroom on Oak Tree Road, Iselin, offers 6,500+ unique designs in 18 and 22 KT gold and diamond jewelry, as well as solitaires and colored stones.

The brand aims to meet the evolving needs of Indian Americans, who comprise 4.35% of the state’s total population and are 387,000 strong. According to US Census Bureau, jewelry store sales were estimated at $33.2 billion in 2020, which was a 25% increase over the previous decade. Tanishq has been in the US market through e-commerce for over a year and has received positive community feedback. The launch is a part of Tanishq’s retail business expansion strategy.

Tanishq“We are on a mission to establish Tanishq as a global brand, and our retail showroom expansion in the United States is a significant step in that direction. Tanishq has been balancing the elegance of tradition with the brilliance of modernity for decades and we want to bring it to New Jersey,” said C K Venkataraman, managing director at Titan Company Limited, the parent company of Tanishq.

According to Kuruvilla Markose, CEO – International Business Division, Titan Company Limited, “Tanishq already has a significant online presence in the US market. The high demand and interest shown by the Indian American community encouraged us to have an on-ground presence for them. This showroom will have our latest collections and masterpieces designed to suit all jewelry needs of the Indian Americans.”

The company launched its first international brick-and-mortar store in Dubai in November 2020. It now has eight international stores, seven in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) and the first in the United States of America. The company intends to collectively open 20-30 stores in North America and the Middle East over the next 2-3 years. While in India, Tanishq has a presence of 400+ stores across 240 cities and indents to add 100+ stores in the next year.

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