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Summit and Uber Launch New Jersey’s First Ridesharing Commuter Program

The City of Summit and Uber today launched New Jersey’s first ridesharing commuter program, designed to help residents struggling with limited parking at the NJ Transit Summit Station. Under the city’s program, Summit residents with prepaid parking permits are eligible for free Uber rides to and from the station during weekday commuting hours; residents without prepaid permits will be eligible for $2 Uber rides, which is equivalent to the cost of the City’s $4 daily parking.

Summit estimates 100 parking spaces will be made available through this program. As a result, the City does not have an immediate need to build a new parking lot on public ground and will save an estimated $5 million in taxpayer dollars over the next 20 years.

Thousands of Summit residents currently use Uber. Approximately 39% of morning commute trips in Summit end at the train station and 29% of evening commute trips from the train station end within Summit.

“As an alternative transportation option, ridesharing is not new,” explains Summit Mayor Nora Radest. “But our program is the first of its kind in the United States to use ridesharing technology as a parking solution. Our innovation has the potential to shape how municipalities think about and implement parking options in the future.”

“This new pilot program offers an excellent approach to reducing the daily demand for parking in Summit,” reports Common Council President Mike McTernan. “By partnering with Uber, we will be freeing up about 100 spaces that can be used by other residents or employees during the day. The program has the potential to be a win-win for our local businesses, commuters and our taxpayers.”

Uber is making it easier for Summit commuters to get to NJ Transit while saving city taxpayers’ money,” said Ana Mahony, Uber New Jersey General Manager. “When parking space at the train station ran out, Summit’s leaders wanted to solve the problem and help give Summit’s residents a modern transportation alternative. We were happy to work with Summit to design this program and are always eager to help bring positive change and innovation to New Jersey.

The initial pilot program will start with up to 100 resident commuters and could be expanded if successful. Trips must begin or end within Summit or at the train station and be completed Monday through Friday between the hours of 5AM and 9PM.

Uber New Jersey has partnered with several local governments and public institutions to help solve policy challenges. This includes a free-rides program with Evesham to reduce drunk driving, transportation for Hackensack Medical Center Patients and campus rides for Seton Hall Students.

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