StrikeForce Unveils New Cyber Solution For Hotel Industry

StrikeForce Technologies, Inc., Edison, announced an innovative new program designed to protect hotel guests’ computers and cell phones from hackers while traveling and using Wi-Fi connections. A prominent NYC hotel will be the first to launch.

“We are extremely excited about our Secure eTravelers program,” said StrikeForce CEO Mark L. Kay. “Hackers are seizing every opportunity to trick travelers by installing keylogging spyware on devices when travelers go to use new or unfamiliar Wi-Fi services. Nobody thinks twice about jumping onto a Wi-Fi service, and that’s when they get you.” Its development was prompted by the increase in hacking incidences targeting business and recreational travelers exposing hundreds of millions of guests to a breach of personal, or corporate data.

“That’s why this program is so important,” says Kay. “There are over five million hotel rooms available in the U.S. at any given time. That represents a huge opportunity for cyber criminals. Hotels that offer their guests our Secure eTravelers Program will not-only be protecting them from hackers, it will help demonstrate their commitment to guest safety with this positive cyber security posture. What also makes the Secure eTravelers Program so appealing to hotels is the revenue share opportunity they gain when guests sign-up to use it. It’s a real win-win opportunity.”

Kay continues, “Each hotel can set its own pricing and terms for the program which can also be private-labeled and branded.” One of StrikeForce’s leading distrubutors, Cino Ltd., is the channel partner that’s launching the Secure eTravelers Program with a very prominent NYC hotel. “Other hotels are already in position to follow,” says Joe Saracino, CEO of Cino Ltd. “Costs are averaging around $3/day, to protect multiple mobile devices, which is extremely reasonable considering the high value of protecting one’s personal data.”

While the Secure eTravelers program is initially being launched within the hotel industry, plans are to roll-out the program to other industries that serve travelers such as airlines, cruise ships, trains, tour businesses and event/meeting planners.

According to the latest information from the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) 2018 Tourism Highlights Report, there were 1.32 billion global tourist arrivals in the U.S.  in 2018; a staggering 84 million more travelers than the previous year. The U.S. Travel Association reported that in 2018, business, general and leisure travelers spent an estimated $1.1 trillion dollars.

“Being the first company to unveil such an innovative cyber security solution to protect travelers represents an incredible opportunity for us,” added Kay, “and, we will do everything we can to capitalize on it while fulfilling a vital need.”

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