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Stevens Institute of Technology’s School of Business Ranks 6th for Graduate Earnings

Graduates from Hoboken-based Stevens Institute of Technology’s School of Business are the sixth-highest earners after four years, earning an average of $100,049, according to a study conducted by business advice company Venture Smarter. The study analyzed data from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accredited schools regarding the earnings of their business course graduates. The average earnings of business course graduates from these schools were established for both one and four years after course completion.

At Stevens, the average salary among alumni sits at $70,597 just one-year post-graduation, this figure increases to $100,049 after four years. These earnings are 55% above the nationwide business school average at the one-year stage, and 66% at the four year stage.

Here is a national list of the top schools noted by the study:

1) University of Virginia

The University of Virginia comes out on top with astonishing average graduate earnings. One-year post-graduation, business course alumni of the university earn an average salary of $88,048. Four years after graduation, this rises to $112,758. These figures are 93% and 87%, respectively, above the average for AACSB schools nationally.

2) Emory University

Private research university in Atlanta, Emory University, makes second place on the list. Graduates from Emory earn, on average, $78,394 one year from graduation and $107,945 four years after this time.

3) Southern Methodist University

Another private research university, Southern Methodist University, in Texas, produces the third highest-earning business graduates. Alumni of the university have average earnings one year post-graduation of $51,068. While this is the lowest figure for one year graduates among the top ten, earnings average $105,314 four years post-graduation. This places Southern Methodist University graduates as the third highest earners on the list.

4) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The University of North Carolina makes fourth place in the list with one year graduates earning, on average, $76,943. Four year graduates average salaries of $105,246.

5) George Washington University

In fifth, graduates of George Washington University earn on average $58,070 one year out of school, and after four years, their earnings average $101,930.

6) Stevens Institute of Technology

New Jersey’s Stevens Institute of Technology makes sixth place with graduate earnings averaging $70,597 one year out of school. Four years post-graduation this rises to $100,049, being the last university in the list with four year earnings averaging over the $100,000 mark.

7) Washington and Lee University

Business graduates of this private liberal arts college in Lexington, Virginia, average earnings of $63,631 one year after completion of their education. Four years post-completion average earnings sit at $98,403.

8) Georgetown University

Business graduates of Georgetown University, Washington D.C, have the second highest earnings of these schools one year post-completion, the average sitting at $82,850. Four years post-graduation average business graduate earnings are $94,935.

9) Texas Christian University

This private research university in Fort Worth makes the penultimate top ten spot. Average earnings one year out of school are $57,155, with this increasing to $93,488 four years post-graduation.

10) Elon University

Elon University of North Carolina ranks tenth as the second NC institution in this prestigious top ten. Graduates of Elon average earnings of $54,936 one year post-graduation and $92,616 four years after completion.

A spokesperson from Venture Smarter commented on the findings: “With business school constituting an obvious step for many aspiring entrepreneurs, it’s interesting to have established the schools whose graduates are set to accrue the most wealth.”

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