Kim Guadagno

State Shows Support to Organizations Helping Start-up & Small Business Communities

New Jersey Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno attends TechLaunch workshop.

New Jersey Lt. Governor, Kim Guadagno recently got a sneak peek at what it takes to launch a start-up from scratch when she attended one of the weekly workshops at TechLaunch, NJ’s premier technology accelerator.

“We’re basically at the half-way point in our 16-week LaunchPad bootcamp”, remarked TechLaunch Founder, Mario Casabona, who added, “The Lt. Governor’s personal interest in our efforts to provide a kick-start to aspiring tech entrepreneurs speaks volumes about the State’s support of small business endeavors. We were honored to share our day with her.”

Each Tuesday TechLaunch holds a professional workshop for its Class of Founders which addresses a key topic integral in building a business from the ground up. Last Tuesday’s topic: Business Models . . . without a solid one you’re basically up the creek without a paddle!

“We applaud the efforts of TechLaunch.  In addition to providing seed money, this small business accelerator offers critical support through mentoring and business training” said Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno. “These services create a strong foundation to help young companies build their businesses, succeed and create jobs. The Christie Administration supports the work of TechLaunch as they cultivate some of our brightest and most promising entrepreneurs.”

The culmination of all this work, plus the guidance from over 130 Mentors, is the Demo Day event on July 14th in which each TechLaunch team will do a formal pitch and demonstration to an audience of angel investors, venture capitalists, mentors and valued guests from around the state and the region. Stay tuned for Success!

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