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Somerville Aluminum Remodels Company Name

Somerville Aluminum Is Now “Bellari”

Somerville Aluminum, one of New Jersey’s largest full-service home improvement and remodeling companies,  announced the 68-year-old business is retiring its original name and will now be known as “Bellari.”

“We decided it was time to transition to a brand name that was a reflection of who the company is today,” said Bellari Co-owner and Executive Vice President Gary Shiman. “The new name alludes to a level of superior craftsmanship and design, while representing our nationally recognized customer service, project management process, and spectacular showroom.”

Founded in 1950 in Somerville, the company got its start selling aluminum storm windows. After several decades of successful growth, Bellari now calls Branchburg home, having moved to its current 15,000-square-foot facility on County Line Road in 2013. The company now offers far more than storm windows, as well.

The company-wide name change follows the relaunch of its kitchen and bath division under the “Bellari Design” brand in 2016, which has grown exponentially and garnered rave reviews over the past two years.

The reputation that Somerville Aluminum has earned over three generations as a family-owned business provides a firm foundation for the company’s continued growth as Bellari.

“Our success is indicative of our unique combination of design expertise, premium products from quality partners, quality installation, and exceptional customer service with a growing team, which have been hallmarks of our business for decades,” says Shiman. “We are extremely thankful to be a part of a legacy of success with exceptional brand equity, and we are excited for the company to flourish in the future under our new brand name.”

“There may always be lumber companies or big box retailers who try to emulate who we are,” shares Shiman, “but we have earned a reputation for quality home remodeling since the company’s inception. This is not a new business for us; this is what we do, and we have worked diligently for many years to do it well.”

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