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Business & Talent Attraction Website Introduced for Somerset County

The Somerset County Business Partnership (SCBP) has introduced a new website designed to attract both businesses and employee talent to Somerset County. The site, at www.whysomersetnj.org, is a comprehensive information resource for those looking for an introduction to Somerset County.

The overview of Somerset County addresses issues of Lifestyle, Downtown and Suburban Neighborhoods, Education, Diversity, and Community Impact issues including sustainability, economic development, and non-profit support. The Talent section of the site provides employee and employer overview and statistics, innovation information, and business resources. Also included is a comprehensive listing of Amenities including shopping, entertainment, medical resources, tourism, parks, arts, and history.

“WhySomersetNJ.org will help local businesses looking to onboard someone who lives outside the area by providing them the resources to the prospect to familiarize them with the area amenities and services offered,” according to Chris Edwards, president & CEO of the SCBP. “Likewise, if a company is looking to relocate to the metropolitan area, they can use the site as a way to understand the area as it aligns with their own company values.“

Supported by the SCBP social media initiative, the new web site will become an important resource for businesses and individuals nationwide who are seeking details on the Somerset County market.

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