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SNIPES Brings ‘Crack the Code’ Computer Lab to Jersey City

SNIPES, a leading sneaker and streetwear retailer, has announced that Crack the Code, a nationwide initiative that seeks to close the learning gap, promote digital equity, and build the next generation of STEM leaders, has opened a computer lab at Hudson Garden in Jersey City.

The Crack the Code initiative expands access to technology and digital literacy training for K-12 and adult learners in markets where SNIPES has a retail presence.

According to Pew Research, about four-in-ten adults with lower incomes do not have home broadband services (43%) or a desktop or laptop computer (41%). Additionally, 59% of parents with lower incomes who had children in schools that were remote due to the pandemic said their children would likely face at least one of three digital obstacles to their schooling, such as a lack of reliable internet at home, no computer at home, or needing to use a smartphone to complete schoolwork. SNIPES’ Crack the Code campaign is shedding light on this digital divide and working to support communities that lack computer and web access, ensuring that they don’t fall further behind.

The “Crack the Code ” computer labs will be built in key retail markets throughout the United States. These advanced labs, which include laptop and desktop devices, iPads, printers and smartboards, will also act as community hubs, filling the connectivity void left open by the COVID-19 pandemic and providing access to residents who don’t have reliable at-home internet access or devices. These new labs will support adults, students and families furthest from educational justice in accessing the technology, technical support and additional learning resources required to continue to learn.

In addition to access to technology, these labs will also provide educational programming and digital literacy training. The expectation is that K-12 students, college students and adult learners will be able to easily access the basic computer courses and continuing education courses that will be held in the labs. SNIPES will continue to work with civic partners and community leaders to find solutions to enhance the effort and identify additional opportunities for support, learning and educational growth within these communities.

The SNIPES Crack the Code computer lab in Hudson Gardens is expected to attract both youth and adults from the community, providing equitable access to technology and a safe haven for them to learn vital computer skills. The Hudson Gardens computer lab will serve as the blueprint for creating these inclusive, learning environments where students and adults can prepare for a tech-heavy future.

“At SNIPES, we understand that today’s youth are tomorrow’s scientists, engineers, researchers and technology leaders,” said Jim Bojko, president of SNIPES’ US operations. “The services these new computer labs will offer to marginalized members of our communities will assist toward closing the technology gap. They will give residents access to skills and information that is vital in helping young people prepare for their careers.”

As the leading sneaker and streetwear retailer in the US and Europe, SNIPES offers products from top brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas, and New Balance through its 300 US-based stores and digital properties. SNIPES works with local community partners as well as international brands and personalities such as its Chief Creative Officer DJ Khaled to support, empower, and celebrate local street culture.

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