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Six Convention Centers Partner to Create NJ Convention Center Coalition

Six convention centers located throughout New Jersey have come together to create the New Jersey Convention Center Coalition. Experts from the Atlantic City Convention Center, Cape May Convention Center, Meadowlands Convention Center, NJ Convention Center and Exposition Center, Ocean City Music Pier/Civic Center, and the Wildwood Convention Center have united to share ideas and industry guidelines to ensure that each facility can re-open safely and responsibly.

The vision of the NJCC Coalition is to provide a framework for all six facilities to follow using consistent standards to demonstrate that these venues can safely host conventions, tradeshows, and events.  These standards are being developed in collaboration with each venue’s staff, local health departments in each town, and the state-mandated protocols for malls and other high traffic buildings as well as from re-opening guidance from the state of New Jersey and the New Jersey Department of Health.  The goal upon reopening the convention centers is to commit 100% to the health and safety of our attendees, in addition to the communities in the surrounding areas.

Safely opening the convention centers will be the priority of the NJCC Coalition as we move forward through this pandemic and will remain diligent in our efforts to serve their communities.

Specific safety procedures already discussed:

  • Increasing contact tracing
  • Requiring masks for all guest, staff and vendors
  • Capacity Metrics (Percentage vs. Square footage)
  • Temperature checks at the door
  • Food Service to follow state guidelines of indoor dining
  • Safe areas for money and purchased item transactions
  • 8’ drape between each vendor
  • Approval on floor plan from local health and fire safety for each show
  • One-way aisle, if aisles are less the 10’ wide

“We are excited to partner with convention centers and event facilities around the state of New Jersey on a safe, responsible and successful reopening,” said Spectra’s Jim McDonald, general manager of the Atlantic City Convention Center and Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall.  “Our facilities directly impact the economies in the communities in which we serve and support thousands of jobs and union employees throughout the state.  We support and provide a positive impact on local businesses and understand the continued operation of our organizations is a major component of their business model.”

“The NJCC Coalition believes that the businesses that rely on conventions should not be forgotten during this pandemic. These shows are essential to so many great vendors and small businesses,” said Nicole Mikic, NJ Convention & Exposition communications coordinator. “The NJCC Coalition knows that they can create a framework that can bring back these events safely.”

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